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Home video commentary

2 brothers brought out the home videos for the holidays now they have a one of a kind web series.  I cant wait until the movie.

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News bloopers

Nothing better than when live tv fucks up.

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get your slow mo fix

Life through the lens of Charles Bergquist.  Life is hard when everyone else is moving so slow.

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Wins of 2011

like when all that shit in the fail videos goes right.

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Roller man

The newest video of the french super hero Roller Man aka. Jean-Yves Blondeau.  The superhuman suffered a severe rollerblading accident crashing into a truck carrying nuclear waste.  This horrible accident caused him to grow 31 wheels all over his body.  Now he spends his days racing down hills at speeds above 70 mph trying to kill himself, but has yet to succeed.

The suit was built as a graduation project from the industrial design school… he got an A.  Check him out racing a motorcycle here.

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Pictures To Enjoy

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How santa stole christmas

Incase you didnt know.  This kind of shows how innovative and creative the US is compared to the other countries we came from.  We kind of created the christmas that we all know and love around the world today.  Now you can drop some knowledge to grandma over some green egg nog and ham this year.

Sex is no accident

Sex is no accident guys, especially if your water skiing, hang gliding, and riding a moped.

So always wear a condom, especially when your water skiing, hang gliding, or moped-ing…

Last year Grey Germany put out this ad campaign for MTV humorously implying that sex is no accident with some similar and funny cartoon strips.  So just to keep you more informed, you should also watch out for accidental sex while rollerblading, reading a book, and even on the toilet.

Santas little helper

I’m not going to say that apple took my idea for an ad… but we certainly think alike.  And of course Santa has an iPhone, he probobly has the iPhone 5 already.  This probobly means any of the other phone carriers can’t put Santa in an ad this year because Apple got the jump on it… its ok droids, its just a better phone, even Santa thinks so.

A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie teamed up to re-create this halariously evil holiday tradition.  In this tribute to Bill Waterson and his legendary series, we miss him dearly and maybe create our own Calvin and Hobbes snow sculptures this season.

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