Your Text Messages from the Male Perspective and Why You’re a Creep (Part 2)

I have mixed feelings about publishing this because there are way too many variables in this situation.  I think Zoe is mainly focusing on a guy she doesnt like as opposed to if a guy she did like texted her at 1 am probobly with something nice to say because Zoe only likes nice guys ;).   I also dont want to publish this because now our blog looks like Cosmo. (dumb) so dont read this.  But I know any guy who read that last post probobly wants a rebuttle.  Heres a little something I half heartedly wrote up on the defense of SOME guys because Zoe is mostly right.

In regards to yesterday’s drunken text post I believe that a male point of view is appropriate as well.  This some sort of dating blog either so I have to keep this short. (That or I’m really hung-over have homework to do).

It might be true that guys are getting lazier, but I don’t think there will ever be a point where we put in as little work as they do.  Most of the time I see girls with a couple guys following her around on a leash and every once in a while she gives them a little dog treat she has been hiding that those dogs just keep sniffing around for.   Then that same girl might get creeped out when she gets a 2 am text saying “heeeyyyy.”  Well I wonder why, maybe it was all the drinks you let him buy you and the winky face text messages.  Perfect example (I’m the green): … Girls you are so forward sometimes… works both ways Zoe.

I usually stick to a very general rule.  This is “if the girl wants it, she will get it.”  Guys, girls do like someone, and if you’re barking at her like a lost puppy it’s probably not you.  Girls do pick a guy that they like and there’s nothing really you can do about it except talk to her and be yourself cause if she doesn’t want it you can’t change that.  I think all the text rules in the last post all suggest a guy that the girl has no interest in, in which case that guy should just stop texting Zoe.

The enticing elongated “Heeeyyyyyy” probably won’t work because if you say that out loud it’s probably not very seductive.  I would rather go with a “hey what’s up?” but a nice personalized text pertaining to something you know the girl likes.  But when the girl texts you late at night it’s a whole other story.

Girls text guys late too, but there’s one crucial difference.  Guys are easy if they want it, especially when we get drunk.  So at 3 am a text from a girl means one thing and one thing only.  And the guy is usually down.  So moral of the story; just stop texting girls, they will let u know if they want it… and it probably won’t be that subtle.


One thought on “Your Text Messages from the Male Perspective and Why You’re a Creep (Part 2)

  1. smoozle says:

    well, if this sort of topic is too cosmo i suggest we stop posting about cars…too maxim. hehe

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