Globe Bantam Commercial

So Globe just launched a new cruiser board. While these look awesome appearantly they dont come with all the defects flexibility, and the rest of the problems we have come to know and love that the old retro boards used to have. Globe is so confident that appearantly they dropped a 30 day guarantee on the board and a lifetime guarantee on the trucks. This is a brand I can get behind, I like the new marketing strategy. Can you say POOL PARTY!?!!! I think I might get one.

***UHhMm wtf is this Mike? First you post cars all over the page and now scantily clad women? This blog is not Maxim and to be honest, these ladies are not hanging out with some drop-out skateboarders. Maybe some business professionals with jets or penthouses.

You wanna see the real definition of total beauty? Here it is;

hubba hubba?

Feast your eyes on the one and only Fabio…and this really well written romance novel. Im not even sure why this guy is famous really but I hear that in real life hes an 8 foot tall freak of nature.


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