The Type of People You’ll Find in Boston Right Now

Downtown- According to a masshole, downtown Boston is the center of the entire universe. The only thing you’ll find more of here besides OWS protesters is crackheads. It also takes about ten minutes to legally cross a street.

A prime place to people watch (if you like that sort of thing), is in the Boston Common, offering some seriously hilarious scenarios. Traveling inward to the heart of the Common, Maryjane Mountain as it’s been unofficially named, harbors some very colorful characters doing all sorts of fun things. The park rangers seem to have forgotten this part of the Common so strange things happen here often. One time, we even had a complete stranger ask us about “our ratio of good underwear to bad underwear” wearing a suit; top hat and all.

Basically, anything goes downtown. You’re going to see every kind of person from students, to professionals, to locally famous bums.

Dorchester- That loud pop was most likely a stray bullet from that gang war down the street. I don’t even understand how this place is able to exist. This section of Boston, right off exit 15, is the home of gang members and UMASS students, which makes for a really interesting environment.

Although I am not about gang warfare, maybe these tactics are set up by the Boston public in order to keep students from turning into this;


Excuse me?

Allston/Brighton- “No matter how drunk you get, you’re never the drunkest person is Allston!” This quote explains it all. Allston is full of drunken BU students and loads of dirty assed hipsters. I swear, its like they make you put on an ugly ski cap or scarf (sometimes a combo!) when you cross into the boarders of this section of town. I hear it has protective properties from the potent levels of garbage that is created by destructive twenty-somethings on the weekend.



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