You’re Not Allowed to Auction Off a Date with the Virgin Mary Anymore

The dating website,, has recently released their new campaign to raise money for charity this holiday season- selling the virgin Mary on Ebay.

Although the site thought they had a great idea for raising money, Ebay thought otherwise and removed their ad because of the adult content.

Heather Seychelle, 25,dressed as a “sexy” Mary in a nativity scene commented on their ads removal saying, “I’m a single girl and I joined the website to find love, so I hope I meet a nice boy. It’s crazy that eBay got rid of our auction on their site. The money is for charity.” This lady clearly has her ducks in a row and has figured out that the more low cut your shirt is, the more seriously you will be taken.

I personally think its great the ad was removed, they will probably get more money for charity because of all the publicity. On the other hand though, this just encourages more online dating auctions (which is totally a form of prostitution).

So what do you think? WOuld you bid on the virgin Mary this holiday season? Its for the kids.

Baby Jesus will be well fed

"Virgin Mary"



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