Playboy body types: Then and Now

Today while I was flipping through the channels trying to dodge any Kardashian related television; I came across the show The Girls Next Door. I am always curious to know about the new crap that’s cool so I sat and watched for maybe a minute or two- and what a weird fucking minute it was.

It wasn’t even the bad writing or boring storyline that angered me about this TV show; it was the way women were shown on it. Apart from supporting the fact that “all women are dumb” through their stupid mindless antics and such, it made me realize how much the idealized female body has changed.

A recent study observes over 50 years of Playboy centerfolds to support these statements. They found that “from 1953 to 2001 they found they had become less shapely and more androgynous” -meaning that guys are becoming more attracted to guys. Somehow, Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous hourglass figure has gone out of style.

A healthy female? This won't do...

As the full-bodied woman from the 1950’s eventually slimmed down to the likes of “Twiggy” and Jerry Hall seen in the 60’s and 70’s, the entire dynamic of the magazine had changed. It was during this time that cosmetic surgery was making its first appearance in popular American culture. The famously assembled Dolly Parton was even offered to pose for the magazine on multiple occasions but turned them down. I am still not sure why they thought she was a good fit but hey, to each their own.

"I ...can't...breath..."

Then by the early 90’s, the strung out heroin look was made popular by the grunge scene which was eventually transformed into the androgynous female body that we are today told to covet…with the exception of two things.

Is this really what its come to!?

They way in which the “sexy female physique” has changed over the past 50 years not only in Playboy, but all social media, pretty much de-genders females. A Playboy spokesman had this to say “If Playboy didn’t reflect ideals of attractiveness, we wouldn’t still be around, so it must be that many men find this shape attractive.”

So let me ask you, who do you think is more womanly?


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