Why Middle School Dances Freak Me Out

So, the other day I was in my car and I was listening to the radio because my super savvy casette player had broken. There was a lot of throw backs playing, which pleased me. The suddenly, “Get Low” came on. I don’t know what came over me- all the sudden I thought I was a rap super star and started bouncin’ in my VW bug like a total idiot. It reminded me so very much of a middle school dance.

I turned to my roommate, equally as excited, and we began to reminisce on the thought of our first middle school adnce and how the song, “Get Low”, was the climax of such dances.

We all remember suffering through “one hop this time!”, the macarena, and the YMCA just to get the chance to dance to barely appropriate songs. Chaperones are enemies- sometimes even sporting a flashlight in order to spot dirty dancing faster. “Hey kids…step back! Thats enough of that!”

At the time we didn’t understand…at the time we just wanted to be 12 years old and grind on each other on the dance floor.

If that last sentence didn’t make you cringe I hope you seek help for yourself. The idea of a bunch of kids in middle school bobbin’ around to a song like “Get Low” makes me very uncomfortable. No fucking wonder the chaperones were such a-holes. I hardly think watching kids dance to lines such as “till the sweat drop down my balls” is something they ever thought they would do with their friday night.

Is this really what its come to?

I apologize for the grainy video…it was rather hard to find since its been deleted by the original host.


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