Why I Allow Myself to Watch Trashy T.V.

Right now, I have a mountain of laundry on the floor, a busted car window I can’t afford to fix, and lots of work to stress over. Besides the fact that I am the only person on the planet that actually cares about these things right now, I’ve found an outlet in which I can momentarily forget about my problems and actually feel like a decent human being.

Trashy T.V. shows suck sure, but they make you feel soooo good about yourself. After ten minutes of watching Maury and his “DNA pregnancy mysteries”, your life doesn’t seem to fucking bad. When your mothers mama is freaking around with your cousins best friends sisters boyfriend who you’re also dating, things get put into perspective. All the sudden laundry seems like an adventure and that busted window is an “impromptu sunroof” which will expertly tan just ONE arm.

Although these shows are clearly scripted, I have somehow been able to trick myself into thinking they are real because if they aren’t, well then shit…what do I have to consul me!?

I am already planning on making myself feel better tonight around ten when I watch the new episode of Teen Mom. “But doesn’t that show promote an unhealthy sex life and blah blah blah?” yeah sure it does but I don’t care as long as it makes me happier? Do you get it now?

Trashy T.V. is the bane of my existence and the only ego boost I can always rely on. Pathetic? Sure! Shouldn’t you go volunteer at a soup kitchen for fufillment? Absolutely! But right now I am watching two transexual strippers fight over a cat so thats gonna have to wait…



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