Karma VS. The Kardashians

I’ve recently noticed more and more Kardashian related things appearing in my life so I am going to write this post in order to appease the people in charge and get this glitch out of my life.

If you’ve ever seen Keeping Up With the Kardashians you’ll understand why this is necessary. I have a theory that these talentless media whores are only famous through governmental power in order to dumb down the general population…but I digress.

What I am really here to talk about is how karma, doesn’t seem to apply to the Kardashians. Let me break this down for you nice and easy; every single pitfall that has happened to them, whether its a bad sex tape or a divorce, has ended up making them more famous, rich and sadly, influential. I think that karma has realized how hard it was going to have to work in order to fully dog them as much as they deserved to be so it kinda like, gave up.

Look these people are soulless to begin with so they’re already damned to burn in hell forever. Karma is just going to let them slide until then because well, theres special place in hell for the Kardashains, I just know it.

If you look at a map of Dante’s inferno, you can easily see that there is indeed, still enough space for a tenth ring of hell. This is where you will find the Kardashians. If you are  one day condemned to the tenth ring of hell (god bless your soul), here is what will happen to you;

You will first be strapped to a chair made out of electrodes that randomly shock you whilst wearing wet socks. After, a head piece made out of  black hole-like material will be put over your head, leaving room for your eyes- this is to mute the terrible screaming you will soon expel. Then, your eyes will be forced wide open and then held like that with small needles. Then, placed in front of a small outdated television, you will be forced to watch Kim’s Fairytale Wedding on repeat for ALL eternity.

So you better start cutting all the Kardashian crap out of your life now or suffer the consequences. Unless you’re into that sort of thing…


Fellow blog writer Mike looks like rob Kardashian…I think its a sign.


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