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flying people in nyc

Chronicle NYC found out a new way to freak some people out.  Make them think people fly.  What are those damn americans up to?

F*ck you

Heres a nice tribute to my favorite, and longest finger… the F*ck you finger.  So watch out for that flock of birds.

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God Bless America

As even more proof that mainstream culture in america is shit; heres a movie that defies it all.  I suppose most pessemists can get behind this movie idea.  After all, we have been talking about killing reality TV stars from our couches for years.  While the concept of the movie may be a little dark, morally unsound, pessemistic, and just as horrible as the Holocaust (and the other sh*t on TV).  I think I’ll be willing to look past all of that to find the humor in this movie.  My prediction is he ends up just like Hitler and kills himself at the end of the movie.  Cleaning up America one worthless reality show star at a time, Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barris star in Bobcat Goldthwait’s newest film, out May 11, 2012.

I have a feeling this guy is going to be coming for me.

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The German

I love that with the technology of animation these days the entire film industry has changed.  This Irish film was granted a budget of $92,000 which ended up only covering the live action filming costs.  With $0 director Nick Ryan was compelled to do all of the digital scenes himself.  Excellently done and Awesome film.

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Westlander Panda

Kind of like The Road with a panda character.  Even with a scene straight from The Book of Eli, this is one bad panda.  Makes me really consider what the WWF is doing.  I think the Pistols for Pandas foundation must be doing well.



FDR: American Badass

FDR with a machine gun wheelchair, Nazis are wherewolves, and hes gonna make it to a bar at last call.  Sign me up.

Cops: desert drift

All it takes is a 550 hp Mustang Cobra, 2 triumph speed bikes, and a world class cop mustache to put together one of the sickest videos I have seen since Gymkhana.  I guess its mostly just the police chase aspect and some foot stomping, tire sliding roads to get me salivating.  Of course we have GoPro to thank and a ton of other sponsors mentioned in the film.

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try the Kobe System

Kobe is taking his lessons learned on the court and taking up motivational speakers.  Judging by his audience, I would say it must work.

I almost wish this was done by another agency I could have been surprised by, but of course any campaign this good has to come from Wieden & Kennedy.  I almost wish they wernt so good.

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Redneck Stunt of the Week: Car Surfing

He should wear a rash guard.

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