angry garbage man

Always! Separate! your! Recycling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One thought on “angry garbage man

  1. J Martin says:

    The “ass clown” isn’t doing something all that funny. He has serious mental issues!! Destroying some person’s garbage can & mailbox, then destroying their mail. So let’s see ( 2 destruction of property charges and what?? 1 Mail tampering/destruction charge ). The prick should not only lose his job but GO TO JAIL!!! The mail that idiot threw out so callusly could have been something important ( a cheque or important document ). The person that he did it to, would be the one to suffer for it. They make decent money to do what he’s suppose to do … awwww poor baby had trouble dumping the can out? He doesn’t like doing his job (QUIT).

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