We entertain the internet.  Sorting through all of that viral filth to bring you the best videos of the net.  Here we laugh at people getting hurt, enjoy a nice short film every once in a while, and will sometimes skip the TV show for a good Advertisement.  We are cool sh*t conosseurs, but dont swim in the mainstream, this is the estuaries of the viral video world.

As for yours truly, my loves and interests vary to all different regions of the culture field.  I’m currently a student at Suffolk University in Boston, but I hail from Connecticut, a short train ride to the all encompassing city of New York.

My passion for videos on the internet derives from my career ambitions of advertising.  I’m an Advertising force in the making and a very competitive Instagrammer (@FikeMurst).

Breakdancing has been my hobby since early high school from the dance floor to the incredible moves I can do in my head when I’m riding the train or sitting in class.  I love art, and anything that invloves self expression and creativity.

They say its hard to impress me, but I like to think that theres always a way to make everything cooler.

One thought on “About

  1. Laura Lee says:

    U Need Pics of yooz tw0.

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