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try the Kobe System

Kobe is taking his lessons learned on the court and taking up motivational speakers.  Judging by his audience, I would say it must work.

I almost wish this was done by another agency I could have been surprised by, but of course any campaign this good has to come from Wieden & Kennedy.  I almost wish they wernt so good.

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Shake on it

Here is a really good ad for ESPN.  And of course its from Wieden + Kennedy.

Sex is no accident

Sex is no accident guys, especially if your water skiing, hang gliding, and riding a moped.

So always wear a condom, especially when your water skiing, hang gliding, or moped-ing…

Last year Grey Germany put out this ad campaign for MTV humorously implying that sex is no accident with some similar and funny cartoon strips.  So just to keep you more informed, you should also watch out for accidental sex while rollerblading, reading a book, and even on the toilet.

A Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Jim Frommeyer and Teague Chrystie teamed up to re-create this halariously evil holiday tradition.  In this tribute to Bill Waterson and his legendary series, we miss him dearly and maybe create our own Calvin and Hobbes snow sculptures this season.

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Luck is an attitude

This is a great ad for the new “Luck is an attitude” campaign for the cocktail brand Martini.  Something really sticks with me about that title.  Which side of the screen are you?

Done by French agency, FRED & FARID Group, I cant wait to see more from them or the rest of this campaign.

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Movie: The Dictator (Sacha Baron)

Today the first trailer of Sacha Baron’s new movie released.  Titled “The Dictator” it is loosly based on Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi.  Cant wait for all the new politcally incorrect jokes to come out.  He even pays Megan Fox to sleep with him (obviously more fake than his last movies).  Anyway it should be fun and comes to theaters Summer 2012.

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Devastating Explosions

“Do you like explosions? Of course you do. I feel stupid for even asking such a preposterous question. Here you go. Happy Holidays, -The Old Spice Man.”

Old Spice knows every man wants to blow stuff up.  But now your man could blow stuff up like the man you want him to be!  Wieden + Kennedy, one of my favorite ad agencies came up with this gift to you as part of the Old Spice Man-ta clause campaign for the holidays.  Much better than the Bear Deoderant protector in my opinion (deoderant not included).  Click the image above or follow this link to join in on all the magnificent fun of blowing stuff up: Devastating Explosions

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Banned: Xbox 360 Ad

This as an advertisement from 2005 which I dont believe ever aired on tv.  Regardless, I think its funny.  Either way good job Marden Kane, I would have aired it.

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