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on the road

so perfectly said “The Only People For Me Are The Mad Ones, The Ones Who Are Mad To Live, Mad To Talk, Mad To Be Saved, Desirous Of Everything At The Same Time.”

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The three devious pigs

What really happened behind the story of the 3 little pigs?  Could the wolf really have the lung capacity to blow down a straw and stick house?  Appearantly a deep investigation has uncovered the insurance fraud behind the 3 little pigs devious plans.  Morgage defaults soar as the 3 little pigs controversy causes riots and uprisings.

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Movie: the movie

When every single genre of movie gets packed into one… you get the best trailer, and an even better movie.

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If tracking down Osama was as hard as it was the first time, imagine what it would be like if he had an army of un-dead terrorists.  If you feel like seeing this movie (if your not sick of the zombie trend yet) you can show some support at their kickstart page.

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F*ck you

Heres a nice tribute to my favorite, and longest finger… the F*ck you finger.  So watch out for that flock of birds.

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God Bless America

As even more proof that mainstream culture in america is shit; heres a movie that defies it all.  I suppose most pessemists can get behind this movie idea.  After all, we have been talking about killing reality TV stars from our couches for years.  While the concept of the movie may be a little dark, morally unsound, pessemistic, and just as horrible as the Holocaust (and the other sh*t on TV).  I think I’ll be willing to look past all of that to find the humor in this movie.  My prediction is he ends up just like Hitler and kills himself at the end of the movie.  Cleaning up America one worthless reality show star at a time, Joel Murray and Tara Lynne Barris star in Bobcat Goldthwait’s newest film, out May 11, 2012.

I have a feeling this guy is going to be coming for me.

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Westlander Panda

Kind of like The Road with a panda character.  Even with a scene straight from The Book of Eli, this is one bad panda.  Makes me really consider what the WWF is doing.  I think the Pistols for Pandas foundation must be doing well.

FDR: American Badass

FDR with a machine gun wheelchair, Nazis are wherewolves, and hes gonna make it to a bar at last call.  Sign me up.

Nitro Circus the movie

You all have heard of travis pastrana‘s Nitro Circus from MTV.  Its basically the new Jackass because all the guys who did Jackass are old and their bodies have learned to mostly stop listening to their brains.  So now the youth who grew up on the whacky antics of Jackass have spawned with a new era of crazieness and stupidity.  Luckily for us, this era drives fast cars, motorcycles, and is damn good at it.  This should make for some pretty funny fuck ups, and some pretty fucking awesome wins.  I for one, was never really into the Jackass movies, but I think I might be kinda looking forward to this movie.

Jack the Giant Killer

Be ready for this classic fairy tale adaptation.  From the director of X-Men, Bryan Singer climbs the bean stalk to bring you the fairy tale more epic than you can remember.  In theaters June, 15th 2012

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