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Little red riding hood from a slightly different perspective

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Fresh Guacamole

Director PES shows you how to make some fresh guac with all your favorite ingredients.

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The three devious pigs

What really happened behind the story of the 3 little pigs?  Could the wolf really have the lung capacity to blow down a straw and stick house?  Appearantly a deep investigation has uncovered the insurance fraud behind the 3 little pigs devious plans.  Morgage defaults soar as the 3 little pigs controversy causes riots and uprisings.

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The flip side bar

Girls, ever get tired of being hit on and just feel like switching it up?  Check out the Flip Side Lounge, I know a promoter.

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umshimi wam!

Heres a short film by the up and coming zef-rap group Die Antwoord.  They are from south africa and they do some pretty gnarly sh*t.  This video is old news I know, released back in spring 2011.  But I’m getting pumped up on going to see them Friday at the Paradise Rock Club.  Honestly, I have no idea what to expect and I love it.

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The German

I love that with the technology of animation these days the entire film industry has changed.  This Irish film was granted a budget of $92,000 which ended up only covering the live action filming costs.  With $0 director Nick Ryan was compelled to do all of the digital scenes himself.  Excellently done and Awesome film.

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Westlander Panda

Kind of like The Road with a panda character.  Even with a scene straight from The Book of Eli, this is one bad panda.  Makes me really consider what the WWF is doing.  I think the Pistols for Pandas foundation must be doing well.

Cops: desert drift

All it takes is a 550 hp Mustang Cobra, 2 triumph speed bikes, and a world class cop mustache to put together one of the sickest videos I have seen since Gymkhana.  I guess its mostly just the police chase aspect and some foot stomping, tire sliding roads to get me salivating.  Of course we have GoPro to thank and a ton of other sponsors mentioned in the film.

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Oh the places You’ll Go

In a nice tribute to Dr. Suess’s, videographer Teddy Saunders captures some of the many attendees of Burning Man reciting the indefinate Dr.’s final book.  I’m sure those people have been some crazy places in the past few days.  I guess nobody remembered the sunblock.

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The barber shop

I dont put very many long videos up here because I dont think everyone has the time to watch them when they are on the computer.  This video is about 20 minutes long but its pretty cool and I highly suggest you watch it.

This will probobly be the slowest haircut you will ever get.  I’m assuming if you come in around 9 am you will probobly be done around 5 pm.  At least you have some good music while you wait, and some really slow talkin fast playin old guys to listen to.  I’m not sure what kind of town this is.  I think it is either a town with a lot of really musically talented old people, or this barber shop is actually as cool as this video is and people come from all over to get their haircut and play there.  I dont know if i would trust that one holding a cane with a knife or a pair of scissors though that close to my head.

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