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Things That Are Wicked Awesome: Touchscreen Gloves

As I prepare to bust out my winter armor, I am confronted with a problem. My gloves that I’ve had for centuries seem to quarrel with my touchscreen electronics. The idea that I am going to take my gloves off every time I get a text or need to change a song is just another little annoyance that I would rather go without.

Well apparently other people felt this way and a company, Mujjo, has manufactured touchscreen friendly gloves for this very reason. Although the gloves themselves are nothing to gawk at, the hidden power of them might make you think about buying the thirty dollar mits.

Great gift idea too!

"Hey Suzy, wanna come over and check out my new gloves?"

Things That Are NOT Wicked Awesome: The National Defense Authorization Act

I’ve been doing some light reading on this new fangled National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and realized that it is not so new after all. The bill which is meant to protect U.S. citizens against “terrorism”, has actually been presented and voted into action for the past 48 years and until now, there have been minor to no problems with the law.

Although many people are unaware of the longevity of this bill, the reason why citizens are so riled up now is that the 2012 bill presents new sections that will grant the government the right to hold U.S. citizens in military prisons (including Guantanamo Bay) on suspicion alone.

I think its very interesting that this new section of the NDAA has been added at the time that is was. Maybe there is some sort of connection between the Occupy movements and this new section. If the government is granted the right to indefinitely detain its citizens, then the government could easily wipe out any emerging figureheads in the movement. Because of this, the NDAA can be viewed as somewhat of a scare tactic to keep forefront protesters at bey. Without the emergence of such a figurehead, the Occupy movement could potentially lose momentum before it really begins. So I wonder, who is going to step up and help lead this movement?

From what I gather, this movement supports community and equality but I fear the life it will not progress until someone steps up and puts their own neck on the line- only when the government arrests this person “for suspicion” can all hell break fucking lose.

What I am trying to say is this, the NDAA includes sections that attack YOUR personal rights as a human being and citizen of this country. By wrapping these new sections up in bullshit about protecting us from “terror”, we forget to check our own government to make sure this isn’t an act of terror and instead, get comfortable, and say “thank you” to the system that is extorting us.

Someone needs to step up- it doesn’t make any damn sense that there are 50 Miss USA pageant contestants and only 2 politicians we can choose from.

Oh! One more thing, they passed these new sections on the 220th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights. Scumbag politicians.

And that my friends, is why the NDAA is NOT wicked awesome.

Only republicans like porn

So apperantly there has been a tool created so that you can search the records of congress and every word that has ever been said.  Thanks to Sunlight Foundation we now have a new Capitol Words tool we can now have fun searching for insignificant words.  Like the fact that congress has only said “LOL” once, or that republicans love the word “lasers.”  Those are just a few of the many ways we can manipulate this program to our enjoyment.  Check it out, and let me know any other stupidly fun statistics you can find out.  My favorite is this one referring to the title of this post:

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Devastating Explosions

“Do you like explosions? Of course you do. I feel stupid for even asking such a preposterous question. Here you go. Happy Holidays, -The Old Spice Man.”

Old Spice knows every man wants to blow stuff up.  But now your man could blow stuff up like the man you want him to be!  Wieden + Kennedy, one of my favorite ad agencies came up with this gift to you as part of the Old Spice Man-ta clause campaign for the holidays.  Much better than the Bear Deoderant protector in my opinion (deoderant not included).  Click the image above or follow this link to join in on all the magnificent fun of blowing stuff up: Devastating Explosions

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