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The three devious pigs

What really happened behind the story of the 3 little pigs?  Could the wolf really have the lung capacity to blow down a straw and stick house?  Appearantly a deep investigation has uncovered the insurance fraud behind the 3 little pigs devious plans.  Morgage defaults soar as the 3 little pigs controversy causes riots and uprisings.

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Devastating Explosions

“Do you like explosions? Of course you do. I feel stupid for even asking such a preposterous question. Here you go. Happy Holidays, -The Old Spice Man.”

Old Spice knows every man wants to blow stuff up.  But now your man could blow stuff up like the man you want him to be!  Wieden + Kennedy, one of my favorite ad agencies came up with this gift to you as part of the Old Spice Man-ta clause campaign for the holidays.  Much better than the Bear Deoderant protector in my opinion (deoderant not included).  Click the image above or follow this link to join in on all the magnificent fun of blowing stuff up: Devastating Explosions

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