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on the road

so perfectly said “The Only People For Me Are The Mad Ones, The Ones Who Are Mad To Live, Mad To Talk, Mad To Be Saved, Desirous Of Everything At The Same Time.”

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Shit Girls Say

Juliette Lewis guest stars in the first of a new web series by Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard.  A pretty funny follow up to their popular twitter account @shitgirlssay.

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Generation why

One of my Emerson buddies, John Curtis and his friends made this awesome video to promote the upcoming Fall ’11 issue of Emerson Magazine.  With music by Gardens and Villa with Dagny Blomster, Andrew Asper, Gracie Gates, Abbey Volmer, Caroline Rhymer.
Direction by Benjamin Askinas (benjaminaskinas.tumblr.com) Photography by Doug Porter Produced by Marlowe Griffin Lyddon, Justin Reis Cuts by John Edward Curtis Style by Alexandra Gurvitch Assistant Direction by Joshua Grossman Hair & Make up by Kelsey Leahy G&E by Allie Altman, Tyler Weinberger.  Augh enough shout outs!

Moral of the story its its a cool video with some cute girls in our local city of Boston.  Good sh*t guys!

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