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99 problems but a movie aint one

Eclectic method recreates jay-z’s iconic song with this movie montage.

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Ni**as in Paris: Video Jacking

Sorry guys they took the video off of Vimeo,

“Video Jacking” as defined in the video, is basically making a music video for a song before the official video comes out.  The goal is to get your video more viral than the official video (should the official video ever come out).  This could be an awesome new trend.

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The barber shop

I dont put very many long videos up here because I dont think everyone has the time to watch them when they are on the computer.  This video is about 20 minutes long but its pretty cool and I highly suggest you watch it.

This will probobly be the slowest haircut you will ever get.  I’m assuming if you come in around 9 am you will probobly be done around 5 pm.  At least you have some good music while you wait, and some really slow talkin fast playin old guys to listen to.  I’m not sure what kind of town this is.  I think it is either a town with a lot of really musically talented old people, or this barber shop is actually as cool as this video is and people come from all over to get their haircut and play there.  I dont know if i would trust that one holding a cane with a knife or a pair of scissors though that close to my head.

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Kraak & Smaak: Squeeze me

I know you have all probobly heard this song, but I found the music video really entertaining.  It came out in 2008, but I stumbled upon it again today and thought I should post it for you guys if you havn’t seen the video yet.

Directed by: Andre Maat & Superelectric

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