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99 problems but a movie aint one

Eclectic method recreates jay-z’s iconic song with this movie montage.

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Ni**as in Paris: Video Jacking

Sorry guys they took the video off of Vimeo,

“Video Jacking” as defined in the video, is basically making a music video for a song before the official video comes out.  The goal is to get your video more viral than the official video (should the official video ever come out).  This could be an awesome new trend.

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F*ck you

Heres a nice tribute to my favorite, and longest finger… the F*ck you finger.  So watch out for that flock of birds.

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Underworld: Always Loved a Film

This is another video I have always loved.  I never knew of this artist until I stumbled across this video when it came out in 2010, but I really like the song even though the video is what attracted me.  The concept is so cool.  These old guys are cooler than me and my friends (even though I have that Members Only jacket)… Directed by Syrine & Pej this is one of my favorite music videos.


Electric Method Is arming the lasers in this movie remix.  Just watch it “Laser brain.”

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Another Reason Why You Like Bob Dylan

I wonder what he lit at the beginning of the video. I need someone to straighten out my bird…


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